About Us

Game Nights with friends have always been one of our favorite things to do, but we sometimes felt like cultural outsiders in the games we played. We are from different countries; Botswana and Kenya. Every time we played a game with friends, we wondered if there was a game that tapped into our own African pop-culture and history. One day we researched and found none. In fact, many African-themed games we discovered were mostly about safaris and animals. The few that mentioned African people tended to be localized to a particular country. That’s when the idea of SAWA Trivia was born. We needed an African game for ourselves and our friends to celebrate the diversity of our people, culture, and continent. 

As we worked on SAWA Trivia, we tested it with our friends and they loved it right away. We knew we were onto something. Each time we played SAWA Trivia, because of the pressure to beat the clock, hilarity ensued. The answers were sometimes right at the tip of their tongues, but the pressure to score points before the timer ran out enhanced the excitement. SAWA Trivia is a fun game to play. There is always lots of laughter and arguments...African style!!

We began sharing the experience of playing the game with our American friends at different social events. It was a hit. We knew then we needed to develop this game for ourselves and the diaspora.

We hope that you enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed making and playing it. Thanks for the support!

Kioko & Thato